Women in the Outdoors - National Wild Turkey Federation

Join us on September 18, 2010 for the annual Women in the Outdoors event. The event takes place at the West Walker Sportsmans club and is hosted by the Grand Valley chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Download the 2010 brochure for event information and the registration form.

Ladies, are you tired of the man in your life always running off to go hunting or fishing? Is your son old enough to participate in those activities, but you don't know how to be involved because you can't even speak the necessary jargon? Maybe you've never shot a gun, cast a line into the water, pulled back a bow, or made a meal over the campfire.

Or are you an experienced woodsman with a few mounts hanging on your wall?

Either way, Women in the Outdoors is for you!

At a Women in the Outdoors event you can expect hands-on training in a non-threatening non-intimidating situation. You can expect to meet other women who share your current interests and hobbies and who are also looking forward to learning something new. You can also expect good instructors, lots of laughter and great food!

All in all, a Women in the Outdoors event is a fun yet educational day. So call a girlfriend that you've been meaning to spend time with and plan on joining us on September 18 as we enjoy what the great outdoors has to offer!